Sing the National Anthem at Dickey-Stephens Park!

Submit your solo or group application for the 2023 Arkansas Travelers season.

By Sandra Ozaki, Publisher Macaroni Kid North Little Rock, Arkansas January 25, 2023

The Arkansas Travelers are now accepting applications to present the National Anthem at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock for the 2023 season! The season opener is April 23, 2023, so apply today!

The Arkansas Travelers invite both groups and individual performers to honor our country before the Travs play ball. Whether you are a singer or a musician, they would love to hear from you.

Those interested in performing can either perform a live rendition at the Travs Job Fair (dates TBA) or fill out this form, complete with a video audition.

Need more info? Email or call the Travelers office at 501-664-1555.