Print a Little Love: Free Mother's Day Cards to Celebrate Every Mom

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By Macaroni KID April 29, 2024

At Macaroni KID, we believe Mother's Day is a time to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives, in all the ways that matter. Whether someone is a mom, like a mom, or someone who simply has made a difference in our lives, we want to take time on Mother's Day to honor their impact. 

We also know Mother's Day can call to the surface a mix of difficult emotions. For those who find this day challenging, whether due to loss, longing, or complicated relationships, know that you are not alone. This day is for you, too.

With all of that in mind, we asked our own wonderfully talented Essy Chen to create an original piece of art for Mother's Day that we could share with you as a printable card. She knocked it out of the ballpark with two lovely watercolor designs. Essy's cards are perfect for anyone who touches your life with a bit of motherly magic, no matter their journey.

We also have two options for how you access the cards, and both are completely FREE.

1. Print: You can print the card out at home and add a handwritten message inside (Two card versions available!)

Click here to get your FREE cards to print out, fold, and write a handwritten message inside.

2. Email: Or you can create a personalized e-card that you can email (or text!):

Click here to get your FREE card that you can personalize and email.

Spread the love!

Essy's original art is the perfect way to send a hug on Mother's Day. Pass along this beautiful artwork to someone who’s in the midst of the motherhood journey, someone who is dreaming of motherhood, or someone who is navigating a difficult relationship. It’s a simple way to show some love and to let them know you see and honor what they are going through.

Join us in sharing Essy's original art this Mother's Day, and let's make the day one that is a celebration of all motherhood experiences!

About the artist: Essy Chen is our Macaroni KID social media whiz who also publishes Macaroni KID Chino Hills-Chino-Diamond Bar, Calif. She is the mom of two adorable little girls, Avery and Arden, and the daughter of Christine (Happy Mother's Day, Christine!). 

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